JOHS has postponed the Multnomah County Board vote that was scheduled for 12/7

UPDATE: Commissioner Julia Brim-Edwards submitted a list of questions for JOHS to be addressed before the Multnomah County Board votes on the 333 project. When a new date is released, we will get out updated information as soon as possible. See Commissioner Brim-Edward’s questions here.


JOHS has released its overview and plans for the Safe Park project at 333 SE 82nd Ave. On Thursday December 7th, the Multnomah County Board were scheduled to vote on the budget and plan, but that vote has been delayed.

The consistent, chaotic JOHS mismanagement of projects and tax payer dollars has come under recent scrutiny in multiple audits. Not only has JOHS neglected and misrepresented its community engagement and outreach, but it has been grossly unresponsive to Montavilla residents and leadership about the Safe Park project.

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